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Chase Oaks Animal Clinic
Animal hospital services, pets and other other animal specialities
East Plano Murphy Pet Hospital
Caring and friendly staff. Highly skilled doctors with close to 100 years of combined professional veterinary experience. Support staff who are motivated and well-trained; with most having college-level education.
Convenient hours and location.
Superior medical care at an affordable price.
Hanks Animal Hospital
Mercy Animal Hospital
About Mercy Animal Clinic:
Mercy Animal Clinic is owned and operated by Rick Hamlin, DVM. Dr. Hamlin graduated from Texas A&M University Veterinary School in 1986 and has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Richardson/Garland/Murphy area ever since.

Mercy Animal Clinic serves the George Bush Corridor providing excellent pet care for Plano, Richardson, Garland, Murphy and Sachse.

The real boss of the operation is Dr. Hamlin's daughter, who can often be found at the clinic keeping things running at maximum efficiency.

She's quite the artist...check out the paint job she completed in the storage and electrical room.

Murphy Road Animal Hospital
Southfork Animal Clinic