Maxwell Creek
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Homeowners’ Association and what is its purpose?

    Homeowners’ Associations are non-profit corporations that exist to help preserve property values through architectural controls, design guidelines and deed restrictions.  Additionally, Associations provide for the maintenance of common areas and community facilities through the collection of assessments.

  • What is the Board of Directors and what do they do?
    The Board is responsible for establishing and approving the annual budget for the Association.  In addition, the Board has the authority to make reasonable rules and regulations for the operation and use of any property owned by the Association.  The current directors are five (5) homeowner members.  
  • How do I contact my Board of Directors?
    For immediate response contact your Community Manager with Texas Star Community Management, LLC 
  • What are deed restrictions and do I have to abide by them?
    Deed restrictions, also called “protective covenants”, are rules that govern the Association and its members.  The deed restrictions and architectural controls set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
    ensure the preservation of the original architectural design.  For example, must keep fences in good repair……
    You should have received a copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions from the title company when you closed on your home.  Extra copies may be obtained by emailing your Community Manager.
  • When does the Association hold meetings?
    The Association Bylaws require that an annual meeting be held one (1) time each year on a date and time set by the Board of Directors.  The Board may call a special meeting if needed with proper notification to all homeowners.
  • What is the Architectural Control Committee (ACC)?
    The Architectural Control Committee reviews applications for exterior improvements to the home or lot.  The ACC is established and defined in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for the Association.  The spirit behind the ACC is to uphold the aesthetic quality of the neighborhood and to protect the value of your home by maintaining the standards set forth in the Declaration.
  • Do I need approval to make exterior improvements to my property?
    Yes. Any alterations or additions to the exterior of your property must be approved in writing by the ACC.  To obtain an ACC Request form, please contact the Associate Community Manager at Texas Star Community Management.
  • What if I make changes to my property without ACC approval?
    Everyone must seek ACC approval in writing before making external changes to their property.  If you make changes without ACC approval, your investment could be at risk.  Additionally, if your modifications are outside the guidelines of the ACC, you may be required to remove or reverse your improvement.
  • If I get a building permit from the city, do I still need ACC approval?
    Yes.  Approval from the city does not constitute approval from the ACC.  The Committee still requires that your plans be submitted in writing for review.
  • If the ACC approves the modification for my neighbor, can I assume that the same modification will be approved for me?
    No.  Each property and project is different.  Applications are reviewed and based on the individual characteristics and circumstances for each property.  Always submit for ACC approval before making changes to your property.
  • What does the ACC base its decision on?
    The ACC bases its decision on:
    1. Quality of workmanship, materials and structural design;
    2. The conformity and harmony of the external design, color, type and appearance of exterior surfaces and landscaping in relation to the various parts of the proposed improvements on other lots;
    3. The other standards set forth within the Declaration and/or the ACC Guidelines.
  • Who do I contact regarding concerns in the community?
    Contact your Texas Star Community Management Team.
  • What is the role of Texas Star Community Management
    Community association management is a specialized field.  Texas Star Community Management, LLC. (Texas Star) is a professional management firm with twenty (20+) years’ experience in the field, currently managing 40+ communities in the Houston Area and the Dallas and Ft.Worth Metroplex.  A management team that usually includes a Community Manager, Administrative Assistant and an Accounting Manager serves each community.
    The day-to-day activities of your community’s team include many different tasks, but most will fall under the following general headings:
    • Advise and provide administrative, managerial and operational counsel to the Board of Directors in order to assist the Board in decision making and operating the business affairs of the Association
    • Perform site inspections of the community 
    • Direct the enforcement of the restrictive covenants
    • Solicit, evaluate and assist in acquiring insurance consistent with the requirements of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and in accordance with instructions from the Board of Directors
    • Solicit and evaluate bids for all association services
    • Supervise maintenance activities and contractor performance
    • Provide and explain association financial reports, which are kept in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
    • Financial collections and disbursements (including the collection of delinquent accounts and working with title companies prior to the selling of a home)
    • Help develop association budgets
    • Work with an independent CPA firm selected by the Board of Directors to audit the association’s books and records
    • Serve as a receiving center for association related homeowner and vendor telephone calls
    • Provide privacy to homeowners by having a third party involved in cases of dispute
    Texas Star team members keep current with changes in Federal, State, County and City legislation that effects planned communities.  They regularly attend seminars, in-house training sessions, and Community Associations Institute (CAI) courses especially formatted for community association management.  Texas Star works closely with a network of independent attorneys, CPA’s, insurance agents and others who specialize in their particular field as it applies to non-profit planned communities.  As a result, if you have a legal or professional question that Texas Star cannot answer, we will have ready access to someone who knows the answer.